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“We have tried various adhesive products in the market over the years, and Eltim has proven to be the best in terms of viscosity, quality, time-to-set, whilst being very price competitive. We recommend our solutions to any company looking for a world-class product.”

Industrial adhesive agency, South Africa, February 2019

“After using and testing their products for a number of months in New Zealand, we started to import Eltim products. We only do this once we are 100% confident that the product is best-in-class and is price competitive. TOPSTICK will be a global brand going forward.”

Mining Agency, New Zealand, February 2019


“We currently supply our products to South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and New Zealand. We are growing our African and international footprint rapidly. If you would like to investigate distribution rights in your country, please contact us for more information.”

View our range of adhesives tailored to suit every industrial application.


Prime the surface to combat rust.


Clean any surface before you decide to use any of our amazing adhesives.

Providing products and services that are world-class.

our expertise

Besides offering world-class products, here is a rundown of what we strive to excel in.

Ensuring our price is competitive.

Eltim partners with our clients to ensure alignment to each countries regulatory standards.

Maximising your business efficiency when utilising our product.

All our products are tested in our in-house world-class laboratory.

We strive for constant innovation and meeting our client’s ever-evolving needs.

All our products are partially or wholly manufactured in South Africa.

our process

From sourcing world-class raw materials, through to innovative end-to-end production… this is how we do it.

We partially or wholly manufacture our products in South Africa, which are then tested in our in-house world-class laboratory.

We ensure ongoing collaboration with all of our clients to form long-term partnerships.

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