TopStick TPU

Flammable two-component adhesive, which is ideal for use in bonding PVC and TPU conveyor belts, and various other PVC and polyurethane applications (e.g lining of chutes). It achieves high strength adhesions and is fast drying. It is resistant to oils, water, acid and benzene.

Key Benefits & Features

  • A flammable, high-quality polyurethane adhesive based on special polymers
  • This adhesive is ideal for use in bonding PVC conveyor belts, PVC transportation systems and various Polyurethane applications
  • It achieves high strength adhesions, it is fast drying and in ultimate weather conditions can result in conveyor belts released back into production within 1-2 hours of application, therefore, minimizing downtime
  • It is resistant to oils, water, acid and benzene.
  • This product can be used in normal as well as extreme temperature conditions such as (-30˚C) or (+50˚C) provided that the procedure manual for application has been followed
  • The Relative Humidity shouldn’t exceed 80% during the application process and weather conditions should be monitored.
  • Storage conditions: 5˚C – 25˚C and storage life is 2 years
  • The adhesive is prepared by adding 5%-7% Hardener SC to 850g Topstick TPU and stirring thoroughly. Pot life is approximately 4 hours